Montréal Eats

Blog Post created by pluto77 on Jan 6, 2020

The briefness of our visit to Montreal limited our opportunities to sample the local cuisine.  We opted for items that Montréal is known for... Croissants, Bagels, Smoked Meat, Oysters and - Poutine!   So let's talk about these...


We googled best croissants in Montreal.  Croissant-Croissant came up tops.  Great reviews.  It was a solid 3-mile walk from the hotel, and a good thing.  The croissants were absolutely, melt-in-your-mouth heavenly.  We ate three between the pair of us, guilt free.  We highly recommend this place! 





We heard that Montreal has it's own style of bagel.  Different from the New York bagel.  Denser.  Sweeter.  Baked in a wood-fire oven.  Google says Fairmount Bagels were popular.  We decided to check them out for ourselves, so the following morning, off we went again on foot to hunt down the Montreal style bagel.  Fairmount Bagels is located in the Mile End section of Montreal.  We found it... but it's just a place where they make, and you buy.  You don't eat them there.  We grabbed a couple of bagels in a bag, and off we went to find a place to eat them.


Fairmount Bagels 


Wood fired... Look at that long paddle with all of those bagels.


Looking for a place to have a sit and enjoy our bagel find, we finally stumbled upon Boulangerie Guillame.  We went in and ordered coffee - and pastries...  Um, to go with our bagels, lol.  


Bou Guillame is hip little place in the Mile End section of town.  As at Croissant-Croissant, the young folks minding the store here were great.

We ordered a fromage croissant and a petit cake and coffee.  Delicious!!!  I had to take pics so I could remember the names.  Needless to say, we skipped lunch that day, and well, everyday. 



We also heard about the smoked meats in Montreal.  Schwartz Deli came up as "The" place to go.  I was excited about trying the "smoked meat."  It was really tasty, but not what I thought it was.  It's sort of in the family of corned beef or pastrami.  I guess I thought it was more like, I dunno, barbeque maybe.  Anyway, it was good.



On our last night, we went for the oysters, baby!  There are a seemingly unlimited number of oyster bars in Montreal, and we looked for the ones that offered the buck-a-shuck ($1/oysters) specials.  We settled on this really cool place situated on a second floor in the downtown area.  It has a sleek and modern atmosphere with an upscale vibe.


Belon, on Rue de Bleury is solidly polished, with a friendly staff.  Most important, good oysters, good libations.


Finally, let's talk about - Poutine.  I had never heard of it!  Say what?  Yep.  Don't know how I've lived my life all these years being so totally ignorant, but here we are!  We found our poutine (yes, it's everywhere), in the Old Port of Montreal.  It's a different twist on French fries.  Add cheese curds and gravy (and a hint of thyme), et voila!  Poutine.  Won't win any nutritional awards, but it is tasty comfort food.


And that's pretty much a wrap for our brief foray into Montreal gastronomie (lol.)  We really enjoyed it!  Nothing upscale for us this time, but hey, as I am fond of saying, when in Rome...