Paris Dining Revisited

Blog Post created by pluto77 on May 20, 2018

Hey Insiders, a few years ago, there’s were some stellar discussions regarding Paris dining.  To keep things fresh, I’d like to revisit this topic with a fresh start for the most up to date information.  I’m headed to the “City of Light”, “City of Love“ again next Saturday, and would like to arrive armed with some dining reservations in tow.  I’m open to a nice Michelin experience if the cost isn’t too outrageous, but the truth be told, and delicious flavors not withstanding, I’m not really “in” to the latest haute cuisine trends of tiny flowers and puréed food foam adorning courses served up in one bite quantities!  What I’m really looking for are restaurants that prepare delicious meals using traditional French culinary techniques.  Specifically, I’m hoping for any place that makes a sublime beurre blanc sauce over a mild fish and any steak au poivre that is prepared to perfection.  Also not into raw oysters.  Love les escargots. Thanks so much in advance and anticipation everyone.  I’m especially leaning on you, psudad.  Aand... Go!