My Inaugural Planespotting Adventure - Part 3

Blog Post created by pluto77 on May 29, 2014

As I stood there now nervously waiting and wondering if the authorities would prevail upon me before my B788 arrived, (and ya, no wonder we were the only ones up there, at that perfect location for planespotting? Duh.), I suddenly saw another tiny bright light in the distant sky.  I knew.  "This is it.  This has got to be it!"  Oh gosh, which camera to use? (They both - ahem, suck.  Graphic, I know, but appropriately descriptive.)  I went for the Droid and its zoom.


As the adrenaline flowed, the plane approached.


Trying to determine, what is it?...


I am not practiced at determining fuselage and wingspan from a distance (hard to tell up close).  No way of telling from here.


I see a 4 section wind screen and the fuselage is all white.  This is it!!  Look at that beauty.


Jumping up and down on the inside, This is it, this is it, this is IT!!!


Whoa, look at that tail livery and those chevrons at the rear of the nacelles!




And there she goes.


Finishing up final.


After a long flight, it's certain that there are some happy people on that aircraft.  And a couple of happy people on a parking garage roof...



"Alright, we can go now, honey."


Thanks for sharing my adventure!