Blog Post created by pickenscm on Apr 28, 2018

I signed up for a Chase credit card two weeks ago. They approved me for $24K credit limit and I received my card on Friday of this past week. I charged $625 on 50K points for Marriott and $1,155 for 60K points for SWA. I went to the grocery store and tried to charge $359 for groceries and the charge was declined. I called Chase and they transferred me to their fraudulent department and they asked me 20 questions. Once I answered all their questions Kate told me that she was going to release all the holds on the credit card. Subsequently, she also told me that I should have complete confidence in using my card going forward. So, I now had confidence. Well, Kate was wrong!!! I went to ,Outback and tried to charge $75 for dinner and it was declined. Well, so much for the confidence!!! I used another "good" card to pay for my dinner!!! I was given a $24K credit line, but declined twice. Here's my question........ The credit card I signed up for indicated that I could receive 75K points for Marriott if I spent $3,000 in three months. Well, I'm trying to spend $3,000 in three months (or less), but it doesn't seem Marriott wants that to happen, not sure.

I'm a Platinum Marriott's rewards member so I'm not sure what type of bamboozle I'm getting???


Is anyone else getting the same treatment??