Service as it Should Be

Blog Post created by phctourist on Jul 22, 2019

I recently had an anniversary weekend trip planned to the Key Bridge Marriott hotel.  Mrs. Tourist was a bit under the weather on Tuesday, which was the limit for cancelling without penalty.  I called the hotel, saying that I did not want to cancel but that I was concerned about getting stuck with a penalty if we cancelled Friday.  They told me that they could try to get the penalty waved, should I need to cancel, but they could not promise that it would happen.  I called Marriott's Corporate Office of Consumer Affairs and a wonderful person, named Kathryn, promised to take care of my delema.  I was most happy.  


The weekend worked out, wonderfully, but my delight was amplified when I received a voice-mail from her asking about the weekend.  I returned her call and left a voice-mail telling her about the great time that we had.  A day or two later I received the following e-mail:


Dear Mr. (Tourist)

Thank you kindly for your message regarding your stay at the Key Bridge Marriott. 

It was a true pleasure to hear that your wife was able to travel and you completed your stay.  We are grateful you had such a memorable stay experience with the service and your room the hotel provided.  It is always wonderful to hear when customer service is extended above expectations.

Mr. Chandler, it has been my pleasure to respond to your concerns and I hope you both have a wonderful day!

Warm Regards,
Kathryn S.



This is the kind of service that made me a loyal Marriott customer.