All Together Now....What Do the Numbers Say?

Blog Post created by painedplatinum on Mar 15, 2020

Marriott won the bidding battle for Starwood a few years ago. The official merging of the programs happened for Bonvoy members in August, 2018. For loyalist from both hotel programs, the road has at times been bumpy to downright nauseating. It has also enabled millions of members to try "the other side". That is certainly a huge benefit for frequent stayers. More options through more brands. Those options and brands have brought some pretty exciting and epic stays that many have documented here on Insiders. 


Early in 2019 I found a couple of Marriott sites that were different than One of these sites allows visitors to search all hotels by brand and location for the entire planet. Another site is for developers and management groups looking to get involved with the largest hotel company in the world. Interesting reading, for sure. Both sites allow for the philomaths and numerates out there to go to town and have fun. 


So let's have some fun!!!!!!  The charts and discussion from my end is purely data driven. I am including no official Marriott Corporate strategy but plenty of questions that I'm sure they could answer. Please feel free to comment, add questions, hypothesize, and any thing else that meets your fancy. 


I'll break things down by Marriott brands and Development Regions. Of course, our hosts can sometime do things that are a bit confusing, so I'll try to clarify where possible. If you choose to search and find hotels from the "hotel directory", Marriott breaks it down by eleven sections.  Let's start with the official five development regions with sections listed below each region.


North America

1) United States 

2) Canada

Caribbean and Latin America

33 countries to include:

3) Mexico

4) Caribbean Island nations and territories

5) Central America

6) South America


45 countries and territories

7) Europe

Middle East and Africa

30 countries and territories

8) Middle East

9) Africa

Asia Pacific

24 countries and territories

10) Asia

11) Australia & Pacific Islands


If you would like to stay in each of the 30 Marriott Brands in any of the five Regions, you're out of luck. The chart below shows which brands are offered for development and which ones (***) are not. There are four brands that can only be found in one region each. If you would like to stay in a Gaylord, SpringHill Suites, or TownePlace Suites, you'll have to travel to North America Region. Protea will only be found in Africa as part of the Middle East & Africa Region. There are three brands that can be found in all but one region. There are no Fairfield Inn & Suites in Europe Region. No Marriott Executive Apartments in North America Region. No Residence Inns in the Asia Pacific Region.  As a note, two brands are showing no development opportunities in any of the five regions... Design Hotels and Marriott Vacation Clubs. These two brands are not wholly Marriott and I'm sure one of our Insiders can explain the relationship better than I.  Another interesting note, all Starwood legacy brands (except Design) are available for development in all five regions. 


Here is the spread by Region:



Next we'll highlight Brand growth for the past 12 months.