The Marriott 500....2017 Recap

Blog Post created by painedplatinum on Dec 9, 2017

Earlier this year, I started a blog post dedicated to the journey to Marriott 500....Lifetime stays at 500 different Marriott branded properties. That original post (The Long Road To 500...75 To Go! ) included a couple of updates for 2017. Until I gathered the original data for a separate project, I never gave this 500 thing a thought. I had no idea how many different Marriott hotels had my head print on their pillows.


2016 ended with 624 stays at 342 different properties. Those totals represented 22 yrs worth of history in the Marriott Rewards program. Over this same 22 years, I would sprinkle in quite a few IHG stays....enough to gain Platinum status...and a couple of Hilton or one off chain stays, as well.


I did some quick math and figured it might take another 20 years to reach 500 properties. I thought it would be hard to find new (to me) properties in my normal travel pattern. I also decided to forego the IHG stays and concentrate whenever possible on Marriott alone. 


Now that the last three weeks are scheduled and ready for check-ins, I'll recap my progress for the year and Lifetime to date. My 20 year guess was way off. In 2017, I made a total of 80 stays for 193 nights, at Marriott properties. These stays were made at 80 different properties...70 of these properties were new to me. Finding new properties in my normal stomping grounds was easier than I originally thought. My past behavior to treat Courtyards like the plague meant there were plenty of those hotels right around the corner from some of my favorite properties. Yes, I know, giving Courtyards my business even though they don't treat Marriott Rewards members very well was tough...BUT, there are so many Courtyards out there!!!! I'm trying to get to 500!! I caved, I'm sorry fellow Insiders!!!


Don't worry, all 70 of the new hotels weren't Courtyards. I fact, the overall 80 stays were made at 15 different Marriott brands. Only EDITI0N, Marriott Apartments, and Protea failed to get my money.  Below, I have a chart with program to date followed by the 70 new properties added this year.


I know a few of you crazy Insiders have decided to track your's that coming along?