MR Insiders..Is it Worth It?

Blog Post created by painedplatinum on Jul 16, 2017

A few years back I stumbled on the Insiders site to complain about Black Out dates. I hovered around, lurked for a bit, read lots of good info...and met lots of great people. Along with being enriched by the wonderful lessons taught here everyday, I've now picked up enough points for a Cat 4 free night!!! Through the years our communitymanagers have run contests,  tossed out some badges,  and pointed us toward social media connections. These have added up to a few points. There was a survey group, PULSE, a while back...more points. Here's how they've added up for me. I know of a few on here who have raked in BIG points..much more than this. So hang in there, post, lurk, and grab some points along with your new knowledge.




All Time Running Total


Note...Insiders Bonus contains all other misc. including Twitter points.