The Long Road To 500...75 To Go!

Blog Post created by painedplatinum on Mar 16, 2017

About a year ago, I decided to try and assemble my Marriott stay history from 1994 to present. I was able to find all but a handful of stays. Looking back through the history brought back a WHOLE LOT of good memories. This list turned out to be much more than just hotels. It allowed me to see and recall the people, the jobs, the vacations, the road trips and the adventures that have taken place over the last 23 plus years. Great memories with my family.


After getting the list of these hotels onto a spreadsheet that I could sort in any which way....I did a total. I totaled both the individual hotels and the numbers of stays at each of these hotels. It turned out that I had stayed at over 300 unique Marriott family hotels for close to 600 stays.


I'm a goal oriented person so looking at this list got me thinking.......maybe I can record stays at 500 different Marriott branded hotels? Hmmmm? How long would this take? Is it even possible?


Well, here we go. This road to 500 will probably take another 20 years. I may not make it, but I'm going for it!!


This week will see the total reach 350 hotels. I have another 5 new hotels that will get added by the end of April.