It’s the final countdown....And I've Made it!!!

Blog Post created by normanp on May 10, 2018

So, sometime  next week my 11 year journey to SPG Lifetime Platinum will be over. I am writing this in the lounge at Dubai Airport, about to board a plane to Kuala Lumpur. Last night (or this morning to be accurate) we arrived from Newcastle (UK) into Dubai and had a 6 hour very average (but low cost) stay at Le Meridien Fairway. This leaves me 8 nights away from LTP. Will arrive tonight into Malaysia where we have three Starwood stays totalling 5 nights (and I will earn platinum for this year via 25 stays). We move on next week for a 5 night stay in Singapore (where the finishing line will be crossed for LTP and I will also achieve 50 nights for this year) before another stopover in Dubai on our way home. Will report progress here.