Starwood Points Purchase Offer

Blog Post created by normanp on Jun 20, 2017

I have just taken advantage of the Starwood 35% off Points Purchase offer, which is open till 30th of June. I bought 18000 points for ~$420. I used these for a couple of cash and points stays and a couple of full points stays which, by my reckoning, have saved me around $500. However, I thought that I would check to see if the same offer was on Marriott at the moment and it wasn't. If I'd transferred my 18000 SPG points into M Rewards this would give 54000 points - 4000 more than the 50K maximum purchase which costs ~$620. So, unless I've missed something, this looks like an excellent time to buy some points. Apologies if this has already been reported - I tried to search on this site  and couldn't find it, but hey, I still can't find my way around this labyrinthine structure....