Beijing starting day 1

Blog Post created by nipper on Mar 4, 2018

When we last saw the Nipper family they were about to embark on a trip to China. $2200 for 4 RT tickets from PHX to PEK, through LA and Tokyo.


I had been watching to 1st class section (LAX-HND), wide open forever, suddenly fill a week ago and crush my hopes for 1st class.


Enter Saturday morning, 1 hour flight to LA, minus one stew.  Did I mention the slightly over 1 hour layover with an LAX terminal change ? 


On the phone with AA. No one boarding 5 minutes before departure and the computer still says on time. Finally convinced someone that it wasn't on time and our window was closing fast  rebook on a direct LAX-PEK flight very full but still had room.


The flight to LA had a stew who was deadheading to LA to start a shift so he volunteered to work it. As we got off the plane we heard last call for our original flight. Much better that we got in without going to Tokyo and [ hours earlier


Had the hotel schedule a limo, double the cost of a cab but we couldn't fit in 1 anyway. 


Got to the JW, asked for and received 1 suite upgrade.  Kids are in their own room on the concierge level.


Today we will explore that city but are all adjusted to the time


More later