Scandinavia Trip Report

Blog Post created by nipper on Jan 22, 2018

So the Mrs and I took a week, burned miles and headed to Europe.  We redeemed tickets several months ago to London (really good rate in 1st class), but since we've been to London several times we knew that was a starting off point.  Decided to dead to Stockholm for 2 days and then Copenhagen for 5. 


So we take a PHX-JFK-LHR flight on AA and the wife's bag decides to stay in New York for a night.  We fly immediately to Stockholm,  praying that her clothes catch up.


Stockholm doesn't seem to have any decent Marriott properties in locations you would want to stay.  We chose a small property in the old part of town.  Great location, though we did realize that there is a Sheraton that is walkable to pretty much everything fun.


1st night we stopped for dinner Swedish Meatballs, which they only call Meatballs for some reason (same is true for Swedish Pancakes - I'm sensing a pattern here), as well as some Moose. Moose is quite tasty.  I had to try.  After dinner we went clothes shopping.


The next day, still no suitcase, but it was on a plane to London. 


We got out and wandered.  Been told that the Vassa Museum is great & I have to agree. I've been all over the world and have to put it up in the top 3 most impressive things to do I've ever seen (Great Wall of China and Iguazo Falls in Brazil are the other 2)


The Vassa was a ship that sank in the 1600s on its maiden voyage (someone didn't plan too well, 2 rows of canons on a narrow ship, it tips and starts filling with water and sinks).  It was recovered in the late 50's with 98% of the wood intact. The museum is built around the ship.   


Another good dinner that night (and my wife is wearing what she found at H&M), this time I had Rudolph (or maybe that was Comet) for dinner. Again very enjoyable.  Suitcase arrived at 2 am, while we were happy it arrived the 2 am part, after doing 25K steps around town was less than pleasant.


Off to Copenhagen. We arrived Tuesday Eve with a reported upgrade (no clue what upgrade we got, maybe a better view), since we used points we weren't too concerned. Hung out in the CL for dinner and a few beers. 


We did a free tour (pay what you feel the tour was worth after) and a canal tour Wednesday.  Walked, trying to get the lay of the land and avoid being killed by on of thousands of bikes. 


Wednesday night we had reservations at Geranium, which is a 3 Michelin Star restaurant. Way too much food and alcohol that evening.   We've eaten in multiple 3 star places, including Gordon Ramsay's London property but this was likely the best we have ever seen.  At over $1K for 2 people it had better be.


Thursday was going to be rainy so we rented a car and drove to the the Hamlet castle and then wandered through a Viking museum.  Castles are great because they usually have an armory (with lots of swords, armor, etc) for me and jewels, crowns, etc to see for my wife. 


Friday we wandered around Copenhagen, vising 2 more castles in the city and seeing the Little Mermaid statue, which if you have never seen it, I highly recommend you keep it that way.  A long walk for not much. 


Left Saturday, CPH-LHR-LAX-PHX.  11 hours on the plane from London to LA.  Wifi actually worked pretty welland was $20 for the flight so I got some work done.  24 hours later, home with the big furry animals oh yea and my daughter.. :-)


I will post pictures from a non-work computer.