Must say I am prety happy with CY right now

Blog Post created by nipper on Oct 15, 2017

Flying from PHX through ORD to Lynchburg VA for a funeral.


Has reservations for Sat at a CY in Charlottesville, expected to get in about 1 am.


The incompetent gate agent in O'Hare pulled the jetbridge up to the 2nd door. Since this was an Airbus 32X, with only 1 door, this was problematic. Took a half hour for someone to get a message to this brain surgeon to move the jetbridge and I missed my connection.


While I was on the phone trying to get to VA to make the funeral, my wife called Marriott (at 11 pm EST) and they canceled my room, no payment. All the hotels near ORD were booked solid, I know I could have asked fro someone to be walked but I figured a cab to the suburbs and 3 hours of sleep would be preferable.


When I got to the property I made certain the agent knew I needed a cab at 4 am.  Was up and out at 3:45 and the cab was ready and waiting. Spent almost as much on cabs as the hotel, and now am on a flight to Charlotte and a short connection to Lynchburg.


I certainly did expect I would pay the $ for the canceled room. I was quite pleased that they waived it. I was also quite happy with the agent at the CY in Elmhurst, IL.  He has the cab ready and waiting well before I had asked and the morning was much less stressful because of it.