Hamilton, baby!

Blog Post created by nipper on Aug 31, 2017

For the past several months I have been inundated with my wife and daughter playing the soundtrack to Hamilton. Since it is coming to PHX in the next few months, I figured that would take care of it. Then I found out the tickets were $2K each.


Marriott then started the auction for 2 tickets to Hamilton on Broadway, including s very nice dinner, meet and greet with some of the cast, cocktail hour and more.  The 1st auction ended over 700K points.  Ouch, again too rich for my blood.  The second went for 400K. Closer.  I bid on the 4th,  which closed yesterday at 255K. Basically 6 nights at a high end property, for tickets that would be $4-5K if you can buy them.


Of course I won't be attending, but my wife and daughter saw Phantom and Le Mis in London and a Mamma Mia and one or two others on Broadway.  They are thrilled. The best part is that this is on Friday 11/10 which is a school holiday so no school will be missed and they can visit Fordham while they are in the city.


Still I figure I will fly out to Manhattan for the weekend (instead of flying home) and enjoy some nice food/drink.