Promotion, 30K Bonus or 120K Bonus

Blog Post created by nipper on May 5, 2017

The folly of the reported new promotion is really easy to demonstrate.


From what we know, this will last about 15 weeks, 2000 points per STAY (a stay is 1 or more consecutive nights at a specific property). There is no maximum to this promotion.


For the people who stay a lot of nights consecutive, the difference can be huge.


My normal travel is 4 nights a week at the same place. I have spent more nights at this CY for the past 3 years than I have at home.


That travel would be 15 stays, or 30K bonus points.


However if I check out, every morning change to a different property (another one a couple miles away, similar pricing), and flip between them, every nightfor 15 weeks, that would be 60 nights and 60 stays.  This totals to 120K bonus points.


I know there are many people on the boards who spend more consecutive nights than 4. They get hurt even more.


I hate this idea, but my wife is all for it,  she wants more points. :-)