My 2019 Path to Ambassador Status

Blog Post created by nascargene on Sep 19, 2019

I've just booked some work travel - quite a bit from now through the end of October. 


Today I'm at 94 nights and $12,822 in spend, with the travel I have just booked it will put me at 117 nights and $16,879 spend - not counting any meal spend that may happen at the hotels. The meal spend will not be that high, as all but 5 nights are Courtyard stays (using the 53M code).


That will leave me $3,121 short of the Ambassador spend, which means 4-5 weeks of travel in Nov and Dec. 


I'm not sure we have that much in the project calendar, especially given that there's a few holiday weeks in there ... but I'm going to give it my best shot.


The travel will do a lot for my points banks though:

Bonvoy Points: 99,998 

National Free Rental Credits: 15 (1 free day for every 5 credits)

National One Two Free Points: 2,275 (1 free day for every 600 points)
Delta MQM: 15,350 which gets me back to Platinum Status

Delta Skymiles: 25,824


All of this travel covers more than 100% of the Bonvoy points, nearly all the rental car days and 1/2 of the SkyMiles we just burned yesterday for a trip to California at the end of February. We're going to the NASCAR race at California Speedway - this will be our "new to us" track for next year. We're taking an 8 night, 7 day trip. Flying JFK --> LAX, staying at the RI Rancho Cucamongo along with an National Car Emerald Reservation for a Mustang GT Convertible.