Promotions? Really? More like a tease....

Blog Post created by nancyd on Apr 30, 2018

As a lifetime platninum member, we tried so many times to register for the promotion in January but to no avail. They kept saying to "try back later". After coming up on the March 31, 2018 deadline to register, we called on the 31st and registered with a customer care agent. She was great. Today, April 30th, I go to make our 85 reservation of this year and look to see "no bonus point added" . I called and after over 75 minutes on hold and several "what promotion are you calling about", to actually finding this site and reading her the T&C's she came back with  I am sorry we have no record you called or registered so the points that you would have earned, which was a lot, we cannot give you. We are so sorry but we will give you 10,000 points which is about 1/10 of what you would have earned as "we believe you, (oh thank you),  you but cannot verify it". Really Marriott. I would make that up? But we have registered for ALL promotions since becoming a member but this one no? But I offered my cell phone records that showed I called them on 3/31 at 7:36 PM and was on the line for 29 minutes yet they cannot verify this?   Very disappointed and will think long and hard before we continue our loyalty.