So Disappointed   

Blog Post created by mshappell on Jul 9, 2018
What has happened to Marriott and Marriott Rewards? I have been a member for approximately 10yrs and much of that time has been as a Lifetime Platinum. With the changes made over the past couple of years customer service had deteriorated enormously. Also, with more privatized ownership, room qualities have also deteriorate. I find I must investigate ownership before presuming that my choice of hotel will meet Marriott standards of the past.
I often save points to share with family members who come in town for a visit. Now those points and my certificates are almost useless. The certificate is now for only category 1-5 and we have no such category Marriotts near us. This posed an even greater issue when during the Santa Rosa fires in October there were very few hotels available and I mistakenly relied on finding a Marriott (70 miles away) to use while we were evacuated. We felt lucky enough to find one that was not booked solid. My mistake was relying on the ‘Marriott family’ to help us though our ordeal. We were gouged for all 250,000 points we had been saving for an upcoming wedding. We were charged daily parking and $37 for breakfast each day. Our 1yr old grandchild was even charged $37!!!
Now as we approach the wedding event we are drained of points, the certificate we have is useless and we are unable to have some family attend because our area is so expensive.
If you are considering joining Marriott Rewards, please do your research and take a look at Hyatt/HaMotown instead. That is our lesson learned provided by Marriott Hotels.