Kudo's to Residence Inn

Blog Post created by msannmcd on Oct 24, 2019

I've been struggling lately to get government rate at full service Marriott's in Washington DC. I've ended up with reservations at a couple of Residence Inns as a result, E Street SE and the new Convention Center on L Street NW. Wouldn't you know that both trips required changes due to the class I was teaching being rescheduled.


So - for the SE RI, I called the Titanium line to change the reservation after being unable to change it online (this is par for the course whether adding or deleting a night from an existing reservation it always tells me the rate is unavailable). The Titanium Line was also unable to change the reservation for me and they said they would open a ticket and gave me the ticket number.


After 2 days and no change on my reservation, I call the RI and they adjusted the reservation (removing one night) quickly and with no issues on my bill. Thank you! My stay there was good and they even had a managers special where they served chicken and salad with free beer and wine in the lobby one night. Score!


Now I am rescheduled in November to teach the cancelled classes. I had an RI reservation in NW and needed to add a night. I just spoke to the front desk, Cheryl, who was fantastic and made the change at the same room rate with no problem. Brava Cheryl! 


Lesson learned - when changing reservations don't bother with the Titanium Elite Line. Simply call the hotel directly. Don't press 1 for reservations! Press 0 and ask for the front desk.


Last, I do have one issue that perhaps the communitymanagers can assist with. I purchased 100K points on 10/18. I got the 2 emails associated with each 50K purchase. They stated that I would be emailed without 24-48 hours and my account credited. I have yet to receive an email or see the points reflected online. I again called the Titanium Line and like before simply opened a case file and gave me the number. I still have not heard anything. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!