Moxy DC Review

Blog Post created by msannmcd on Dec 1, 2018

Moxy DC Hotel 

What a mixed bag. I arrived day 2 after it opened. It appears to be a former hostel and some construction is still ongoing. 

Checkin: it's at the bar. First thing they do is offer you a cocktail. I deferred and they gave me a chip to,use for a Moxy cocktail  (Bacardi, lime and black cherry) later. I asked about breakfast and was told the offerings and that I’d get $10 towards it. Not my desired offereings. Disappointed.  Missed having a concierge lounge!

Room: I'd done my research. I tried to prepare. But geez this is minimalist at a level outside my comfort zone. I get they are competing with air bnb for a specific demographic but the lack of a fridge, coffee maker, closet and square footage just didn't work for me. It's a shoebox with wall pegs. I can't imagine being in this room as a couple since there is literally zero privacy in the bathroom. The pump soap, which doubles as shamppoo in the shower,  is a great idea and less waste but my hands were so dry at the end of three days. No moisturizer. So if you go there I recommend packing your own shampoo and soap.




Lobby vibe: I was meeting a friend at the bar. While waiting the GM Mark introduced himself. He asked how I liked it and I confessed I was a full service Marriot girl but was hoping for the leather chair they promised. He made a call and had one delivered. Not exactly the comfy leather chair I had asked for but kudos for effort. Honestly, Mark was in the lobby at 6:30 AM and 9:30 at night. My last night when I got back he wasn’t there and the folks said they sent him home. He was enjoying his job for sure.

I used my chip for the Moxy cocktail. My friend arrived and ordered the same but got a different drink. The free ones are made by batch and the paid ones are made at the time and they were different colors. We were immediately chatted up by the 2 bankers next to us that were looking for a good time. They took the advertisement to heart and we're looking for a wild night. Lol! We actually gave them some suggestions on where to go.


They had 2 big jars of complimentary gummies and wasabi nuts you could munch on while sitting there. It’s something! Tea and coffee are complimentary round the clock but I wasn’t a fan of it. Tasted like cardboard. You can buy a $5 latte however,

My friend and I liked the modern approach and the games, coloring books, mechanical horse, selfie area etc but this is NOT a business traveler paradise. Having to get dressed and go to the lobby in the morning for complimentary coffee that wasn’t that good was a deal breaker for me. Also, like courtyard, there’s no free breakfast. You get $10 a day or points. They didn’t have what I wanted for breakfast so I took the points and went to Starbucks at the Marquis.


So I get what Marriott is trying to do here and I suppose it has its attractions. When that rooftop bar opens I’ll probably come back. But for me, my primary reason for being there is business. I like a room with a desk where I can spread out and focus in quiet. I don’t like working in a bar room. I do like the location and honestly found a great hotel with awesome food 2 doors down – The Eaton. Much more my speed!