St Regis NYC Review - Live Exquisite!

Blog Post created by msannmcd on Nov 14, 2018

This was a long planned redemption stay to celebrate our anniversary a few weeks after the fact. Normally I spend Veterans Day weekend in DC. I was fortunate we changed this year to share the weekend with family and as the DC metro was closed at Reagan National it turned out to be a great decision. 


The St Regis has a $50 a day (plus tax) destination fee. Basically the first $50 you eat or drink be it in the hotel or in your minbar is comped then the tab starts ringing up. At platinum breakfast in Astor Court or a Starbucks cars was offered. We opted for the Astor Court (or room service) breakfast.


Flew the Friday 11 AM shuttle from Boston to Laguardia (30K AAdvantage points) after parking at Park Shuttle and Fly (3 out of 4 days on points). Took a taxi to the hotel on 55th and 5th. About $60 with tip. Traffic in Manhattan was nuts. Started raining on our way there. At the hotel by 2 and they were working on an upgrade. We dumped the luggage then went to the concierge to get free MoMA tickets. We were warned at 4 PM it was open to public and gets crazy. 


We ate an apple on the way then went in and spent 2 hours seeing Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne, Matisse, Degas, etc. our favorite was an exhibit on Charles White an African American artist from the WPA era through the 70's. When we left the lobby was packed and there was a line a block long waiting to get in.


Grabbed a pretzel from a vendor on our way back to the hotel. They had a 2 category upgrade but it still needed to be inspected. We went into the King Cole bar and it was chaotic but we snagged a couple seats. I had a Red Snapper and hubby had a beer. They gave us snacks. We then ordered calamari and another beer. Then at 5:45 I got a call our room was ready. They said they'd send someone up with our luggage.


We were met at the door by our butler who asked if we wanted coffee or tea. It was on a low floor (4) and there was construction across the street. There's a Waste Management truck parked there and mini dumpsters getting put in there fairly frequently with a fairly loud bang. They did work until about midnight Friday. Not sure if a higher floor would have made much of a difference. 


Welcome Fruit Bowl.


The room itself was delightful. Nicest most comfortable room sofa I've ever sat on. Nice chair and cocktail table. Also a desk and chair. Fully stocked minibar. Complimentary bruit bowl with grapes, banana and apple. Three door closet with safe and 3 drawers. Shoehorn. Cloths brush. Umbrella. Pillowed hangars. 2 robes and 2 pair slippers. Big marble bath with 2 sinks, lighted magnifying mirror and TV built into mirror. Yes - the shower was small. Hubby said the bathroom was quiet so,we could always drag the mattress in there. :-)


A peek of the St Regis from MoMA.



Nice Bose system and flat screen TV with sound bar and DVD. We never learned how to get the speakers in the ceiling to work until we asked at checkout. There is an additional mini tablet near the phone on the nightstand. Oh well. We went out to grab a bite at the diner and on our return there was a card with 2 deserts in the Astor Court for our anniversary. Nice!


Overnight the rain stopped. First morning we rang for coffee and our tuxedo'd butler Chris brought our French press and offered to pour for us. What a hoot! We went to Astor Court for breakfast and Javier was our server we sat in the window table for 2. See pic. Since I knew we had a big tapas dinner later we at the yogurt parfait, Bread basket and hard boiled eggs. We conversed with Javier and he was very informative. We tipped at appropriately even though breakfast was comped. 


Breakfast View Saturday AM (with the dumpster that goes bang every 10 minutes)


We obtained the Met tickets for the concierge and he mentioned that the tickets were good for 3 days and included the Cloisters. We said we were off in search of the Mandarin duck in Central Park and he remarked that we weren't the only ones. It was chilly but sunny and up we went past Trump Tower and the Park Plaza to the pond. It was very busy. It's full of ducks and mallards and one big NYC rat was sighted but that's it. We walked up to the boat pond and then back out to 5th and got to the Met at 11. We were there until 3! So much to see and do. We started in Asia then went to the American wing and really enjoyed the furniture. Then we went down to the temple of Dendur. from there we went to Greece and Rome, followed by Oceana and then Modern Art. We went through South American treasures on our way out. We didn't scratch the surface. We went over to Madison and ate pizza at Serafina. Back to the hotel where my cousin checked in. We met up in the King Cole for a drink before grabbing a cab to Brooklyn. Dinner for 10 at Boqueria. Outstanding papas and sangria. 


When we returned from the dinner around 11 our room had a bottle of champange and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us from Javier. The Bose was playing and our slippers were laid out for us.  We were so full we couldn't eat another bite. 


Next morning hubby went to Dunks as he wasn't a fan of French Press. It was Veterans Day. Astor Court was busy so we got a high top outside the King Cole which worked great for,us. We had another fantastic breakfast with our server Jessie. After a leisurely time we asked for her boss. He stopped over and we told hi. M that Jessie went above and beyond (when we explained we wanted to split an omelettes she pre-plated it split) We explained we were all platinum and he said no problem just put both room numbers on the bill. Again we tipped appropriately. 


The concierge had emailed the info regarding the Veterans Day parade and a link to the detailed info. We got to the end of the parade route at 47th at 11 AM. The first part of the parade was a mini rolling thunder that was truly very moving. It was followed by the honor guards and formal salute with the mayor and dignitaries. Then, for the next 3 hours we had bands and service members, Girl Scouts and floats. Amazing parade and it made this veteran feel appreciated. 


We then meandered over to 2nd Avenue and 51st to the Stag's Head sports bar to watch football. There were bagpipers from the NYC fire department there and I thanked them. Great half priced wings and a 5 can bucket of beer for $25. Patriots lost but my cousins beloved Saints won. After the game we walked back to the hotel. My nieces had arrived.  We invited them to come enjoy the bubbles with us.  We also got delivered another strawberry plate from Jessie and the Astor Court team. After drinking the champagne we went down to King Cole and sat at the same high top we had at breakfast. We ordered a bunch of apps and used the 2 dessert card and brought cheesecake up to the room.


Final morning we had a reservation for 8 AM and we sat in Astor Court proper it was much quieter than on the weekend. We saw Jessie and we thanked her for the treat. She took photos of,our group and apologized as she was in the lower area. Vijay and Jonas took care of us. We had another amazing breakfast to the tune of $200. None of us could do their 7 egg omelett for $125. 



Checkout was smooth. No billing issues. The doormen were helpful with the bags down the stairs and when I mentioned we never got a ride in the Bentley they said next time. Maybe someday.