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Blog Post created by mklaszky1 on Oct 4, 2017

October 4, 2017

Dear Marriott,


I have delayed sending this letter of concern to you for a number of reasons.  I am an understanding customer, with a long fuse, who accepts situations and actions that are less than my expectations, but in this case, I continually think about what me and my family endured in Savannah/Hilton Head in September.  Please let me elaborate to get this off my chest and put my trust in your hands.


My relationship with your company runs deep.  I am a Marriott Gold Elite member who uses my Marriott Rewards Card often.  I own a deeded Marriott timeshare at the Marriott Aruba Ocean Club.  When I travel, I only use Marriott accommodations. You have earned my trust 100% and I recommend Marriott to all my friends because Marriott means a guaranty that nothing will be anything less than perfect when using Marriott services. I am writing this letter, so that you can hear directly from a loyal “fan” of an incident(s) that you need to know about.


My son, Dr. Michael Klaszky Jr., was married in Savannah on September 16, 2017.We left our home in NJ on September 12 and planned to stay overnight on September 12 (our 30th wedding anniversary) at the Springhill Suites in Lumberton, NC and proceed directly to Savannah the next day.  Everything was perfect in Lumberton and all lived up to Marriott standards.


The trip to Savannah on September 13 was longer than expected because of the traffic from Florida resident who left their state because of Hurricane Irma the previous week. Check-in at the Downtown Marriott Courtyard was superb and the staff welcomed us, parked our car, transported our luggage to our room, and welcomed us with Marriott quality making us feel comfortable and glad we are Marriott customers.  Never, throughout our stay was there any treatment by the staff that was anything but first class. Perhaps this was a reason for the delay in writing this letter.  Marriott staff are the best!


When we entered our room, it looked clean and presentable, but it had a slight odor.  We turned the air conditioning on higher and opened the windows to air the room out.  We thought that perhaps the hotel was heavily used as temporary shelter for hurricane affected people. In short we felt that airing it out might be the fix it needed. We left for a walk and dinner and planned to close the windows when we returned. Upon return, we did just that, and the odor level was down a bit.  We put our clothing away, and put our other son’s luggage next to the desk ready for his arrival the next day (Thursday, September 14) .  When we awoke, my wife commented on the redness of my eyes.  I have Glaucoma and use medications that I thought that might be the cause until I noticed the same redness in her eyes. The odor seemed stronger and I notified the front desk.


We left the hotel to take care of some final business with the restaurant that we booked for the rehearsal dinner on Friday and planned take a walk and a nap afterward.  Later we planned to eat and pickup my son at the airport. When we returned to our room, we needed to cancel the nap plans as maintenance had extension cords, floor fans, and dehumidifiers going full blast. No nap nor TV, but at least we would have suitable accommodations.  I walked to the window and felt that the floor was soaked.  I notified the front office that we would return in an hour or two and asked if the fans, etc could be removed before we went to bed.  When we returned with my son, the equipment was gone and a note was on the desk from the maintenance (attached).  The room was indeed cool but still damp.  When my son unpacked his bags, he discovered that the clothes were soaked.  He was the best man and at this point, he only had the clothes he was wearing for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday. I got up early on Friday, September 15 and asked the valet where a local clothes cleaner/laundromat was located, and I set off to remedy this asap.  All went well as did the rehearsal and dinner. 


The wedding day activities on Saturday, September 16 went as planned with no hitch, until we returned to our room! The floor was soaked again!!! This disappointment might have been mitigated if we could have followed our original plans to leave Savannah on Sunday, September 17 and spend the next week at the Marriot Harbor Point Resort before we returned to NJ.  I was notified early Saturday, that the Harbor Point Resort was closed because of hurricane cleanup.  My son’s flight did not leave until Monday night, so our plans to drive him from Hilton Head to the airport on Monday needed to change.  With some hesitation, we extended our stay at the Downtown Courtyard Marriott until Tuesday, September 19.  More fans, more noise, more inability to use our room. 


Being a NJ resident in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, I can understand the havoc of hurricanes, and this knowledge tempered my response to you; however, other than the cancellation of the stay at Hilton Head Marriott, very little of what led to my consternation expressed above was hurricane related.  Thank goodness for Marriott Reward Points because I used 140,000 to stay at the Downtown Marriott and only needed to pay for the extra stay due to the cancellation.  On the upside, my son used our Aruba Marriott for his honeymoon and loved every minute of his stay. I exchanged our Aruba Lockout for the Hilton Head week, but found out recently that I can not add that to my time this year, but have to try to book it in April??? I am very disappointed that I can not recover my original time, but that disappointment must get in line with the others.


I am writing this extensive dialog to you because I am happy to be a Marriott Owner/User because on all counts, you are a superior provider for me and my family.  If you don’t know when things are less than superior, then things start slipping, and I don’t want that to happen.  I like what you give in return for my expenditures of money and trust. I just want you to know what happens sometime to loyal Marriot customers.


Warmest Regards,

Michael R Klaszky