Awesome Customer Service at Fairfield Marriott Erie, PA

Blog Post created by millermc123 on Aug 3, 2019

I used rewards points to book a room for my daughter who was in Erie attending a friend's wedding.


Dawn Wasyl, the Front Desk Supervisor, sent an email in greeting.  I'm guessing she does that for all visitors to her location.   She introduced me to Crystal, who would be the guest services team member.


I took the opportunity to ask Dawn if my daughter could check in a bit early since the wedding was scheduled at 2pm, and the normal check-in time is 3pm.


Dawn corresponded immediately with me.  And while she couldn't specifically promise... she would look out for my daughter.


The wedding day came, my daughter arrived.  And Dawn followed through.  She met my daughter, she had a room available an hour or two early (thank you, I know that is not always possible) and she sent me another email confirming that she had done so.   


It was comforting knowing my daughter was taken care of.  Thank you Marriott.  Thank you Dawn and her team.