What a wonderful vacation, with some humor thrown in

Blog Post created by mightythor on Jun 11, 2019

Our family just came back from a wonderful vacation through Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois.  Most of the stays were incredible, with the best upgrades imaginable (yes, three of them were SNA requests, but all three were honored).  First was the Marriott in east Indy; very nice suite upgrade; I even sweetened the pot by reserving the Presidential Suite for the night for my wife and I so our daughter could have the suite night upgrade room all to herself.  This worked out fabulous.  Then 4 nights at a Hampton (more on this later).  Next up was the Inn at Bay Harbor.  This is an incredible place.  What a blast, even though it was too cold to do everything we wanted.  Requested, and received, SNA for the 2 bedroom specialty suite.  2 BR, 2.5 BA, with nice living area with a working fireplace, and am amazing lake view of Lake Michigan.  All three of us fell in love with this place, and I won't be surprised if we make another visit there next year (although maybe when it's warmer, like.....in August?).  Spent the day on Mackinaw Island, took private carriage tour. Great food, great shopping.  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Next up was JW in Grand Rapids, again, a SNA request and upgrade to a river view suite.  Great food at the six on six, great waitress (my understanding is that our daughter and her are now friends on Facebook, lol).  Great time there.  Finally, 2 nights at the Fairfield in Springfield, IL.  Granted, the Fairfield is a major step down from an AU and JW, but it served the purpose.  So even though I have yet to see the points post from most of these (the Indy Marriott has), it could have been worse.  The Hampton we stayed at hasd some severe storms come through, and they lost power for about 12 hours.  3 people got stuck in the elevator (THANKFULLY not us).  The Fire department had to come pry open the doors to get the people out; in the process, this caused the elevator to be out of service for the rest of our stay, so we had to cart luggage down the stairs from the third floor.  The worst part, though, was that during the power outage, everyone on all sides of the hotel still had power; in addition, NONE of the emergency lights worked, which apparently did NOT go unnoticed by the fire department when they were there.  We were not at the hotel when the power went out, we arrived back at the hotel around the second hour of the outage.  So, short story long, even though I am still waiting on some points posting, my actual stays at Marriott properties was fabulous.  not so much at the one Hilton (which is rare, as I normally have excellent stays at both).  All in all, we all had a great time, and the upgrades I look at as a reward to my wife for her being a "single mom" with all my business travel.  Thanks for making this a very memorable experience Marriott, our family truly appreciated all you did.