Marriott still my fave, but....

Blog Post created by mightythor on Aug 2, 2018

Marriott will continue to be my favorite, as they have always treated me well.  But a couple of changes to rewards have caused me to "balance" out my travels between Marriott and Hilton.  The two changes were discontinuance of rollover (which was the biggest factor by far), and changing/eliminating LTPP for those of us who had a 0% chance of making this year.  I can still make LTP, "eventually" (would have been 2021, now will be 2025 at the earliest), and that is still my long term goal.  However, since I have a few towns that I have to go to for work that do not have Marriott's, but do have Hilton properties, I will likely be doing most of my stays after 75 nights at Hiltons.  At least I now know that I will maintain my Marriott platinum elite status year over year, plus have Hilton Gold.  So I do have some flexibility, which is not a bad thing for me.  But it probably cost Marriott about 15-20 nights per year of a loyalist's stays, for what it's worth.