Hoping the Rewards merger doesn't alter LTP requirements too dramatically

Blog Post created by mightythor on Oct 11, 2017

As someone who only became a Marriott Rewards member about a year and a half ago, I know that I have, at an absolute minimum, based on my allowed travel, at least five more years, if not six, before I achieve LTP status.  I realize with the merger that there will likely be a few modifications to what LTP requirements might become; I am just hoping any mods are minor.  I kind of feel for those who are maybe within a year or so, as they might be pained more by any changes than myself. I continue to hope that Megabonuses are beneficial, although recently it seems to not benefit those such as myself who, due to accounting reasons with their employer, have a very difficult time hotel hopping.  I am thankful that I can make up some of that difference with the new social media opportunities, although I guess I am still learning the twitter nuances (I have the NFL thing down, but thought I might get a whopping 50 points for another post), which I haven't seen - but chances are good that I simply did something wrong, lol - not Marriott's fault.  I also am grateful to the wealth of knowledge and experiences from fellow insiders - I am sure I would have never even known about the NFL twitter promo without it.  I will just keep on plugging away; my primary goal anyway is to wrack up as many points as possible to allow me to travel "for free" in the first 5-7 years of retirement. Keeping my eye on the prize, because other than one Marriott property, I have always had wonderful experiences, and look forward to relaxing travel in a few years!