Blizzard Extortion

Blog Post created by micheleatl on Mar 17, 2018

You would think that everything possible would be done to help a platinum level (or any other person) guest when a blizzard is coming. Rather, at the Brookline Courtyard, it was an excuse to extort as much as possible. I was supposed to check out Tuesday, the day of the blizzard, and knowing the airport would be shut down, I went to the desk Monday morning to ask for an extended stay.As I stood there while the desk clerk  looked for a “best rate” It went from $370 to $500-Mind you for a Courtyard away from the center of the city. The explanation was online reservations were getting the cheaper prices. Desperate, I took the $500 room rate and proceeded to spend the rest of the morning and afternoon online trying to get the rate down And canceling the more expensive one as I went.  Three reservations and cancellations later, some success. Fortunately I’m eligible for several different special rates and finally got it to $267.


I do understand supply and  demand but I also understand common courtesy  which would have been extending my stay at the rate I was paying $220. I have trouble believing the explanation I was given that it was all controlled by corporate and the algorithms that see demand and jack prices.