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St. Ermin's Hotel, Autograph Collection in London UK.

I was in room 555. This hotel is a LOT larger then it looks on the outside (Its like the Tardis). The hotel dose not have a Lounge, however you are given a gift and points and checkin. Rewards Members (Gold and Up) get free breakfast in the morning.



This room was a king bed room.

StE - 1.jpg

StE - 2.jpg

The room had 3 types of Power Sockets at the desk (U.K., EU, and USA)

StE - 3.jpg

Nice and Comfy Bed.


StE - 4.jpg

Good Size room for London .

StE - 5.jpg

Bathroom was very Modern. it only featured a "Rain" Shower however, not my favorite.

StE - 8.jpg

The only Soap / Shampoo was wall mounted dispensers. No individual Bottles.

StE - 6.jpg

Amenity Welcome Gift for Plt. This hotel has NO Lounge.


StE - 11.jpg

Lobby Staircase.

StE - 12.jpg

on the 3rd floor, they had a "Bee" Hotel.

StE - 13.jpg

Front Entrance. There was a wedding going on at the hotel and they had a "Wedding Taxi"

StE - 14.jpg

Hotel at Night.

StE - 9.jpg




StE - 7.jpg


First time a room key had a notch on it.

For the last week, i have been staying that the Heidelberg Marriott Hotel in Heidelberg Germany. This hotel is about an hour train ride or taxi ride from Frankfurt Airport. It is located right on the waterway of the Neckar. There is even a water taxi / ferry that can take you from the hotel into "Old Town".


Guest Room:


I was in room 435. This is on the "Executive Floor" and these rooms are the remodeled ones. The room had two single beds in it. There was no option for a "King" when booking.


HMG - 2.jpg

HMG - 4.jpg

HMG - 5.jpg

HMG - 6.jpg



The Lounge was located on the 3rd floor of the hotel and had a limited food selection during very limited times:

HMG - 18.jpg

HMG - 19.jpg