Wish I had something nice to say

Blog Post created by marylandtraveler on Jul 28, 2019

I am lifetime titanium and it seems that the services for now "bonvoy" members continues to deteriorate. Even simple things like getting points awarded for stays is a chore because most of the hotels seem to wait until there is a complaint before entering the points. And the information given out is wrong. I had a meeting for a small group and the contract provided for points to be awarded. When I submitted the "missing stay" I was told that there are no points warded for meetings.


And there are other problems. I stayed at the Northeast Atlanta hotel and woke to brown water from the faucet. When I asked the front desk they said that they had to turn off the water and should have said something to the guests. I threw away my electric toothbrush that was under the faucet when I turned it on. They offered a free dinner but they charged me for it. Then they said they would issue a credit but never got it. If I paid them as sporadically as they provide service they would not me as a guest. 


The perfunctory e mails sent out do nothing. 


#veryunhappyloyalcustomer   -  to this point.