24 Nights to Platinum Premier Elite

Blog Post created by martinr on Jan 9, 2019

I just noticed (in both the Marriott App & in my MR account online) that I have 0 nights this year and "24 nights to Platinum Premier Elite. "  Yes, that's what it says in both places.


I made Platinum Elite in Nov. 2018 with 51 nights.  At that point, 24 additional nights would have gotten me to PPE (for 2018).  I ended the year with those 51 nights.  That part I understand.


But on Jan 1, my nights were re-set to 0, as expected.  So why would I still only need 24 additional nights to achieve PPE (not a full 75 nights)?  It looks like Marriott is somehow still giving me credit for last year's 51 nights toward achieving PPE ... in 2019.  If that's the case, great!


Is this another Marriott IT problem, or is there some sort of carry-over credit from last year to help me qualify for PPE in 2019?  Or could this just be part of the upcoming fix to the debacle over choosing the Annual Choice Benefit?