Are suite night upgrades a fake benefit?

Blog Post created by marriottbiztravelerfan on Dec 2, 2019

Hello.  I am Lifetime Titanium Elite (legacy Marriott).  I admit the suite upgrade idea was new to me since it was from the “other” company. I have attempted to use them at least 10 times and have only been upgraded once.  To make matters worse, the Marriott process / system sends an unfriendly message saying the “suite upgrade request has been denied”!  


Why not say “we were unable to upgrade you to a suite but will do our best to provide a room in an upgraded location upon check-in”...or something similar.  I think this means that the local hotel has approval of who gets upgraded.  Does this indicate that Marriott isn’t reimbursing the hotels for their suite upgrades?   If I owned a hotel and didn’t get reimbursed enough to cover the cleaning cost of the extra square footage, I’d say no as well!


Shame on Marriott for providing a fake benefit that isn’t really available.  Are you trying to keep my business or run me away to another brand?   Director of Marriott Rewards...are you aware and what are you doing to correct this poor customer experience?!?   Please reply.