Stay Away San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront

Blog Post created by ljharmony on May 21, 2018

Assistant Front Desk Manager Linda Marcelus - Charges my entire 14-day stay on Day 4!  That's the Hotel's policy.  So be prepared to be charged your entire stay when you check in.  She is fearful of you not able to pay upon check out!


For you nice loyal guests esp. the Platinum Life, you will be well to stay away from Marriott Waterfront Assistant Front Desk Mgr. Linda Marcelus.  She has lots of hubris and will lecture you while she is being wrong. 


Ms.  Marcelus lectured me that it’s customary and established policy-wise to charge your entire stay up front.  She doesn’t obtain a credit card authorization for your entire stay but charge the entire stay so the entire charge already posted and you cannot check out under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE without pleading her for a refund. 


Case:  I am a Life-time Platinum many years ago and every year is a Platinum Premier.  On only Day 4 of my 14-day stay here, Linda M. already charged my credit card so the entire 14-day totaling about $4,000 posted onto my credit card on only Day 4.  She lectured me she is not profiling against a minority but simply following established policy.


If an emergency happens and I unable to complete my 14-day stay, then I could complete a form and submit to Accounting to ask for a credit card refund. 


Ms. Marcelus emphasized that she always charges the entire stay and that’s the policy.  Ms. Marcelus doesn’t obtain credit card authorization but actually charges your entire stay to the credit card.  She said she did that because many times regardless guests' loyalty or Platinum Premier status, guests simply stay and unable to pay.  Ms. Marcelus reiterated doesn't matter who you are (Jeff Bezos or Warren B.), she simply follows her policy.