London, Where to Stay, How to Get Around and What To Do During Your Trip

Blog Post created by larissajames on Dec 13, 2017

I had wanted to visit London for as long as I can remember and despite visiting the UK on two separate occasions, I never got the chance to visit this iconic capital city. Last year however, I finally got the chance to see the city in all of its glory and I wanted to share my trip with you. Hopefully I can give you some inspiration for a future trip which you take to the capital, you can even feel free to walk in my footsteps.


Where to Stay


I wanted to make sure that I was really close to the action and so I decided to stay at the Marriott hotel in Marble Arch. This was the first time that I had stayed in a Marriott and I was mightily impressed, Apple TV in the bedrooms, super fast internet, the softest bedding known to man and most importantly, very close to the likes of Hyde Park, Oxford Street and Park Lane. Of course you will not be short of options when it comes to hotels in London but I would most definitely recommend Marriott who have hotels all over the city.


How to Get Around


Getting around London is split into two categories, public transportation and private means, the former is one of the most popular ways to get around London and you’ll find both the underground and the bus services to be prompt, plentiful and a generally pleasant experience, as long as you avoid rush hour. I somewhat regret using a black cab as it was very expensive, although it was one of those experiences which you have to do. More often than not however, especially for short journeys, I used the tried and tested Uber which was much more reasonably priced that I had previously thought it would be in London, check out the prices online, you’ll be surprised!


What To Do


I won’t bore you with the world famous landmarks which you’re likely to see anyway such as Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the Shard, instead I want to tell you some of my favourite experiences which I had. I love art and was able to tour around the city looking for real life Banksy street art, if you go online you can find a live map which will show you where each piece is, and it is updated each time someone visits to make sure it has not been cleaned off. Another cool trip which we did was to go to Brough market, a hipster’s paradise where you can find not only a trendy market, but also some beautiful street food. Finally I would recommend that you head down to Camden, a very cool, very rough and ready place which has some of London’s best pubs and cheapest markets.


I had an absolute blast in London and cannot wait to go back, what are your favourite things to do in the Big Smoke, or what are you most looking forward to doing during your stay there? We’d love to hear from you so get in touch in the comments section below.