Lost Things and the Residence Inn at the Johns Hopkins Hospital

Blog Post created by kwichma on Mar 29, 2019

Back in August, my mother-in-law needed surgery at Johns Hopkins and had gotten very weak.  Even though we live relatively close (40 minutes away), we decided it was better to stay here where we could just use a wheelchair to get her to the hospital and not have to worry about getting her in and out of our van when she needed to be there early.  This plan worked out very well and the 2 bedroom room that we had was good for a wheelchair (all the 2BR rooms apparently are, which makes good sense).  They were very nice and let us have an extra late checkout so that we could go back and forth during the surgery.  My two teenagers helped me get everything out of the room and I forgot to do the once-over when we left (I'm blaming it on the stress of the day) and we left my mother-in-law's teeth and jacket in the room.  


We called several times to ask if they found them and they said no and promised to call if they turned up.  We dropped by the front desk a couple of times, but they told us that they did not have access to the lost and found at the front desk and that we should come back when housekeeping is there.  I finally managed to get back there during the day and sure enough, they had the teeth and the jacket.  In fact, they had the person who had cleaned our room come and bring it to me personally, and I thanked her and gave her a tip for looking out for us.


However, I believe this may be a practice at this hotel so that you interact directly with the person who has your stuff.  While we were very thankful to get the stuff back, in retrospect, I feel like they kind of held the stuff hostage without telling us.  So, be warned - don't leave your stuff behind.  I am a Titanium member and have left my share of things around the country, and I have had the staff handle it much better than this.  


Has anyone else experienced this?