Washington Marriott at Metro Center

Blog Post created by ks83 on Sep 4, 2018

Just completed a stay at the Washington Marriott Metro Center. The lounge was closed during the weekend so had breakfast at the main restaurant.

The FDC gave me coupons for 4 people - we were a party of 5 because I was nice to her. A thing which also tipped in my favour was that the last person she interacted with was very mean and did a DYKWIA. She thanked me for being a PPE and was very nice - this was even before she gave me the extra coupons.

The lounge when it opened on Monday morning was just bare minimum as it was a make shift lounge. They are renovating the main lounge. It was better than the delta at Everett but the smallest and least options lounge I have ever seen in the marriott family till now.