Hotel review Morgantown Marriott at Waterfront place, Morgantown , WV

Blog Post created by ks83 on Oct 10, 2017

I have travel goal to visit all the 50 states of the USA. I have covered all of my current neighbouring states except MA which I will do in December. West virginia even though a bit far 500+ miles to be exact was next in my list. Had done rafting in GA and thought what better place to do rafting than WV.


Arrived at the hotel after a 9 hour drive - picked the country side route - hit almost zero traffic only to be informed that the rooms were not available. They took my number and said they would call me when the room became available but did not.


There is a lake called Cheat lake nearby so went there. Its a nice lake but not much to do as its a marina.


Came back to the hotel at normal check in time   the room was ready. Was upgraded to a room with a view of the river from a city view room.


The hotel was recently rebranded as a Marriott and was renovated as well. It looked fabulous. The rooms were very big and neat.


There is a nice trail which runs by the side of the river which is very nice for long walks.


Did not try the on site restuarants as we ate out.


I have included the lounge review in a seperate post.


Its a pretty nice hotel with decent rates - 110 avg AAA rate.