Blog Post created by koko1920 on Jul 22, 2017


I'm in Room 1916 (July 22-26).  The second room in the adventure known as the JW MARRIOTT New Orleans. 


I was checked in this morning, and a charge to my credit card account was made for the stay. However the room was not ready.  I checked in online, hours before, but the room was not ready until 12:35.  In fact it's now 2:37pm, and I just got a text to come pick up my key.  Hello, I am already in a room!!


I checked in today - the room I got was 1010.  The bell man brought my bags up, but did not set up the luggage holder, or put my bag on it.  Instead, took my money and left. 


ROOM 1010 - a corner room, where there are cookie crumbs under the phone on the desk. Someone ate there, and they did'nt wipe down the desk.   I look out of the window, and down and see a dumpster and HVAC system.  So much for GOLD ELITE FOR LIFE being somehow worthy of an upgrade or suite.  I was on floor 10 with a filthy room.

I waited for this room, 2 hours. 

I recieved a grand email, days before my stay, telling me of the staff's excitement of me staying there. 


I got a wait, the 10th floor and a filthy room is horrible...dirty. 


I called the "at your service folks" but got a voicemail.  I called the zero operator and she told me to come on down. 


I never saw this person on the phone, and so I found Andrew at the concierge.  I tell him of my concern at a filthy room.  He just points me to the desk. 


I waited again at the desk, and was told they were going to put me in another room.  I moved the bags from the one room to the other.  From 1010 to 1916 - still I have the view of the HVAC and dumpster, but it's on a higher floor.


That's where I am now.  The room has scuffs, stains on the furniture and walls, the carpet has buckled, and there is huge stain when you walk in the room on the carpet.  It looks like an animal has peed there again and again.  I guess this is the luxury that "JW Marriott" promised in his rooms, the experience of stains and scuffs.  The bath tub is old, no stand up shower, the room is small, and dirty, dingy.  I really feel like I am staying at a La Quinta.  I am embarrassed, because now I am in this room, no one has called to check on me, to see if I like it.  I don't have a light bulb in the floor standing lamp...guess I didn't pay for light.  Whatever, I should of stayed somewhere else, and I will let everyone know of my disappointment, no one has said a word, not apologized, just shrugged their shoulders and blew me off.  For the desk not even to call...that's just sick.   I think you should change the sign out front to say Best Western.   The worst JW Marriott I have ever, ever stayed in.  Nice way to spend my wedding anniversary.