Joanna at Heathrow Marriott.

Blog Post created by kmandiver on Jan 23, 2020

Joanna at the front desk at the Marriott Heathrow was very helpful.  I left my passport and several other personal items in the room safe when I checked out on Jan 14th.  Didn’t realize the mistake until going to check in at next hotel.  Called the Heathrow Marriott,  described problem and the operator forwarded my call to housekeeping.  No answer.  Not happy with the response.   I called back and and fortunately Joanna picked up.  She immediately took ownership of the problem and offered to call me as soon as she could locate my items.  I gratefully received her call a few hours later.  She held the items in the hotel safe for me until I came back through the Heathrow Marriott at the end of the week.  Many thanks to a great associate who really acts like an owner!