How much time do we need to spend for Marriott's IT team

Blog Post created by klmike on Nov 16, 2019

So I have received an email from Marriott a while back saying I have too many points advanced booking. Hmmm I thought I had more points...went back to my activity history, and that's when I found 120K points got deducted from my account on a stay that I did not pay for with my points for no reason., and it's not a recently stay either, it's like months ago and I would have never noticed if I had never been asked about points advanced booking.


It's not a huge amount of points but it's significant to me. Dropped an email to the Marriott customer service team and frankly speaking, I am disappointed in the reply from them:


"As I'm sure you are aware, any online application will have issues from time to time, we are no different as you've noticed with the recent issue you brought to our attention. In most cases if there is an issue it's resolved before it can effect to many of our members, however this may not always be the case."


While I totally understand software glitches can happen, on the software itself! but it should not impact the records, no? you have glitch on the banking app but you don't lose your money in the bank! And their solution is to ask their members do the work for them:


"We do recommend to our members to check their account activity on a regular basis just in case, moving forward if you come across something that does not appear to be correct please reach out to us right away so we can look into the issue and have it resolved as soon as possible. "


I don't know how many people here would actually regularly spend hours going through their historical statements (communitymanagers would you?) but I am certainly not. Guess it's time to move