My 2018 Marriott Year Of Redemption

Blog Post created by kills99.9ofgerms on Mar 5, 2018

This is similar to My SPG 2018 Year My 2018 SPG year blog except all my Marriott stays will be on points (redemptions). I don’t recall having the one paid stay which is reflected in my Marriott Rewards Account already this year, but if Marriott says I did, well......


Like my SPG blog, My 2018 SPG year (gratuitous self promotion), I don’t have any specfic goals for 2018 with Marriott except to get to 100 nights of point redemptions with no paid stays. Will I get 100 nights?, stay tuned.


This will be a long slow process over the entire year (aren’t you the lucky ones), so I will update irregularly. Not looking for comments or likes, but of course they are always appreciated.


* Currently on a 6 day Marriott points redemption *