Hotel Review:  Seattle Marriott Waterfront

Blog Post created by kharada46 on Nov 23, 2015

After our ride on Train Review - Amtrak Cascades, our Uber ride to the Alamo Car Rental on 3rd St, the wife and I headed to our hotel for the Seattle leg of our trip; the Seattle Marriott Waterfront. 


Many of your are familiar with this property, and I was able to get so particularly helpful tips from pluto77 & iahflyr, right down to the exact rooms to hope for!  Needless to say, I was looking forward to this stay! 


Because of the premise of this stay, I e-mailed the property ahead of time to request an upgrade.  This topic keeps coming up on insiders, but my strategy for obtaining e-mail addresses is simply to do an online search, or if need be, call the property.  This time I lucked out and found the property GM's e-mail address on some hotel managers association page.  Don't ask, it took A LOT of searching to find.  But after contacting the GM, I was put in touch with the front desk manager (who's originally from Maui) that stated she'd do her best, but couldn't guarantee anything, as the property was sold out.  In-fact, I couldn't get my 5th night award redemption free; rather I had to pay the Platinum Override rate to secure my 5th and final night.  But anyway, when we checked-in, we were helped by another fantastic "local girl" whom was originally from Oahu.  She informed us they had assigned us a fantastic room, just how fantastic became clear when we were notified that our room number was 707!  Room number was also appropriate for an AvGeek staying in SEA


Yes, room 707 is one of the property's coveted Elliot Bay view suites!


The photo above is the living room, with a big flatscreen TV and large pullout sofa/bed.  To the left of me was the large work desk with coffee maker and phone.  Directly behind me was a closet with a safe and ironing board.  The fridge is located under the TV in the living room




Beyond the living room, though a set of double doors, was the bedroom.


In the bedroom was a nice, comfy king bed, along with a chair for lounging, a small table, and a large flatscreen TV on a dresser.



The bedroom also had an alarm clock, another phone, another closet, some complimentary bottled water, and something I've never seen before...


In addition to the standard valet room service breakfast card, there was another hang tag to request a specific time for room cleaning.


To the left of the bedroom is the massive bathroom.  There's a double vanity with the standard toiletries, towels, a separate toilet and a shower/tub combo. 


The bathroom has another door that leads to the foyer as well. 


Of course one of the main draws of this room are the views.  The room has a small balcony right outside of the bedroom and a large wraparound balcony outside of the living room.  The balconies have naturally have great views of Elliot Bay and the Seattle Waterfront. 




The views were particularly breathtaking at sunset though.



While the property has a pretty good looking restaurant and a Concierge Lounge, we didn't really visit either, neither did we visit the fitness center or pool, as we had a busy, busy schedule! 


Like the Portland Marriott City Center, the Seattle Marriott Waterfront is a valet parking only property.  Parking is REALLY steep at $46/night, and as with the other property, you do need to call down ahead for your car.  Again, not a problem for me.  The valets were usually pretty prompt and friendly, though the porte-cochere could get really crowded thanks to the large size of the property. 


There are some caveats to the property, however, beyond the large crowds due to the size of the property and it's popularity as a conference and event space... While the tracks in-front of the property are for the defunct trolly service, immediately behind the property is the very busy BNSF mainline through Seattle.  The trains were audible, but barely-so in our room, but I can't imagine how loud it must be for those staying in the back of the property.  Also, the Marriott is one of only two hotels on the waterfront, the other being the Edgewater, and while the view is nice, it actually places it a little far from the main shopping and dining areas.  Pike Place Market is very close to the property, but it's a 10 story climb to get to it.  Thankfully there is an elevator just to the south of the property, which makes getting up to the market a lot easier, but anywhere beyond that is still quite a climb. 


That being said, the Seattle Marriott Waterfront is a wonderful property staffed by wonderful people.  The wife and I would most definitely stay here again, though we might put a little more consideration into what we'd like to do in the area, as that may justify staying a property closer to the city center rather than the waterfront.  At any rate, it's a property I highly recommend to anyone visiting Seattle, just be sure to get a room facing Elliot Bay, not one facing the rear of the property.