Hotel Review:  Portland Marriott City Center

Blog Post created by kharada46 on Nov 13, 2015

As mentioned in my previous post Flying Hawaiian (long haul) HNL-PDX, SEA-HNL, I mentioned we headed straight to the Portland Marriott City Center.  By the time our Uber deposited us in front of the hotel, it was nearly midnight.  To enter the hotel after-hours, you'll need to swipe your key card or ring the door bell, after which a staff member will promptly open the door.  Once inside, the front desk is to the right. 



The check-in process was very quick and efficient.  The staff were incredibly friendly, and genuinely so, and seemed like there wasn't anything they wouldn't do to make your stay a better one.  My status was recognized immediately with the usual explanation about bonus points and concierge lounge access.  After that it was off to our room!  To do so, you'll have to have to make a 180 at the front desk and just walk in the opposite direction.


To the left you'll see the above seating area, while the elevator bank is to the right.


The elevators are operated by the contactless key cards this hotel uses.  It can be a little finicky to use, but isn't as bad as others I've used in the past. 


Prior to check-in, an upgrade for us cleared, and we were assigned a Skyline View Room on the 17th floor. 


The room was nicely appointed with the standard amenities, including a king bed, a work desk, a TV, and a chair with a small table. 




The bathroom, however, is really tiny...



As you can see, the door nearly hits the toilet.  But at least it's nice and clean.  It's just near impossible for two people to get ready in the morning at the same time. 



Of course, the shower is a shower/tub combo.



The room does also have a fridge, coffee maker + supplies, and one of those top load safes under the TV.  The safe is located in the draw immediately under the coffee maker. 



There's also a closet to the left of the TV with an iron and ironing board. 



It was the middle of the night, so we quickly prepped for bed and went to sleep.  The next morning, we were up bright and early to a nice, foggy Portland morning. 



When the fog clears, the view gets even better!



You can even see Mount St. Helens off in the distance.



My favorite view, though, was sunset.



But enough about the view!  Despite the tiny bathroom, the rooms were nice, quiet and comfortable.  The concierge was also a little small and had complex, funky hours, but the attendant was incredibly friendly.  Sadly, our schedule was so crammed that we only visited the lounge twice for bottled water.  Besides, Portland has AMAZING dining, but more on that later! 


The other benefit of this property?  It really is in City Center.  It's within walking distance to a lot of great shopping, dining, and more!  Add Portland's excellent mass transit, and there isn't much of a need for a car unless you plan on going outside of the city, which is also a great idea.  Speaking of cars, the property is valet only, and while some complain about the time it takes for the valets to get your car, it does say to call 10-20 minutes before you need it.  We did this all the time and never had issue with the wait time and the valets were always very friendly and helpful.  What's more, I'm not sure if this is unusual or not, but they seemed to not be expecting tips and it was actually difficult to tip them.  This is a stark contrast for me, since I'm used to the expectation of tips as is the norm here in Hawaii. 


So would I stay at this property again?  DEFINITELY!  Despite its quirks, the staff & location are amazing, while the rooms are quiet and comfortable.  The rates can be a bit high ($250/night the time we stayed if we hadn't redeemed points), but it's worth it if you can afford it.  I'd even say the property is better than the Waterfront simply because of the convenience of it's location.  Not only did we love the property, but the wife and I also fell in love with the city, so we'll definitely be back!  And perhaps next time we can arrange a meet up joshm