Honolulu Spas - Laniwai - Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa Ko Olina

Blog Post created by kharada46 on Mar 25, 2015

With the JW Marriott Ihilani and it's well regarded spa now gone, the only option for a little pampering guests of the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club have is the spa at Disney's Aulani called Laniwai.  While this is Disney's first self branded and operated spa, they've done it right. 




From check-in till you leave, the staff at Laniwai strive to provide you with a peaceful, relaxing experience.  After you've checked in, a Cast Member will then lead you down something called the transformation corridor.



As you travel down the corridor, you begin to relax as the noise of the resort fades away and you begin to hear the sounds of lightly falling rain. 



At the end of the corridor, you reach the Lumi Akalani, or room of heavenly reflection.



Here you will select a wishing stone, on which a word is inscribed.  This word will be your focus during your visit to Laniwai.  You then cast your stone into the pool and proceed to the locker rooms.  There you will change (if not already in it) to your swim gear so that you may enjoy the co-ed areas of the spa, namely the Kula Wai, Laniwai's outdoor hydrotherapy garden.  In the garden you'll find a number of mineral pools, hot tubs, cold plunges, hydrotherapy showers, a reflexology path, and many areas for lounging.  If you'd prefer, there's also a co-ed relaxation room with fruit infused water and some spa snacks.  I didn't take my camera beyond the locker room, so here's a link to a video from Disney:  Discover With Me: Kula Wai at the Laniwai Spa at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa &; Disney Parks Blog  and for more information on Kula Wai, see Kula Wai Outdoor Hydrotherapy Spa | Aulani Hawaii Resort & Spa.  There are also gender specific relaxation areas, saunas, and hot tubs located within the locker room area. 


There are a number of different treatments you can choose from at Laniwai ranging from traditional massages and facials, to nails, hair, and even whole family massages.  The wife and I usually spring for a couple hot stone lomilomi massage.  Lomilomi is a traditional type of Hawaiian massage that uses rhythmic pressure to help promote healing and relaxation, and boy is it relaxing!  You even get to choose your oil scent and the music in the room. 


Once your treatment is compete, for massages anyway, you are then given a small container of salt/sugar scrub to take home with you with the same scent as your massage oil.  At this point, you may choose to either enjoy the Kula Wai some more, or wrap up your spa experience.  So long as you don't leave, you may access Kula Wai all day, however, once you leave, you will not be permitted to re-enter. 


If you like to get massages and/or like spas in general, I highly encourage you to give Laniwai a try, especially if you're staying at the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club! 


For more information, visit Spa & Fitness Center | Aulani Hawaii Resort & Spa