Maui Eats - Ululani Shave Ice

Blog Post created by kharada46 on Aug 25, 2014

If you eat at one place on Maui, make it Ululani Shave Ice.  I know, it's just shave ice... Just a snack, what's the deal?  It's quite possibly THE BEST SHAVE ICE I've ever had!!  Why?  Because their syrups are all natural.  Yes, there are others that do this like Monsarrat Avenue Shave Ice in Honolulu, but Ululani is better.  Their syrup was more flavorful, while still not being overly sweet.  This is definitely something that I'd go out of my way to eat.  Luckily, there are 2 locations on Maui.  During our time on Maui, the wife and I visited 2 locations, the first being the Kahului location.  This location is super convenient to/from the airport, or if you're staying at the Courtyard Maui Kahului Airport.  It's actually just a 10-15 min walk or 3 min drive from the CY. 


As you can see, they do have a large variety of flavors.  Be sure to also checkout the specials board!


For our first visit, the wife decided to go all out and ordered a small red raspberry, lilikoi and calamansi (Filipino lime) shave ice with haupia ice cream in the base, a snowcap and toasted coconut. 


FYI, snowcap is a topping of sweetened condensed milk.  Calamansi has a unique flavor that's tart and somewhat bitter at the same time.  I really like it, though yuzu is still my favorite citrus flavor. 


For my order, I kept it simple and ordered a small shave ice with guava, mango and calamasni. 


As I've said before, the syrups are made from real fruit.  We even saw a lady delivering some lilikoi to this location while we ate!  So of course, these flavors were really vibrant.  Mango really tasted like mango.  The guava actually tasted like guava, which is rare.  Guava normally tastes like a fruity sugar water.  And the calamansi retained all of its tart, semi-bitter glory!  I also liked the fact that they make sure the syrups get down to the bottom.  No unflavored ice waiting for you here.  And they don't pack the ice so tight that it's hard to eat.  The ice is just the right consistency in my opinion.  What's also interesting about Ululani besides the great syrups is that the tables have holes cut in them to securely hold your shave ice hands free!



The other location the wife and I visited was the one in Kihei.  This location is located about a 10-15 minute drive from the Wailea Beach Marriott near the beach. 


Pay attention when ordering at the different locations, as both are similar but have some minor differences.


Also different are the sizes.  You'll notice at this location the addition of a "micro" size.  To me, this size is the perfect snack size, as the small is a bit large.


On this occasion I decided to order a micro guava + passion fruit shave ice.  The guava was just as good as at the Kahului location, and the passion fruit was wonderfully sweet-sour. 



So if you're on Maui, definitely make it a point to stop by Ululani's Shave Ice.  You won't regret it!  It is, by far, the best shave ice I've ever had.  While it keep that title?  Time will tell... maybe I should begin a shave ice saga to go along with my saimin saga? 


Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice