Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa - Unfortunate Stay

Blog Post created by kharada46 on Aug 21, 2014

The Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa is a massive property located in the heart of the luxurious Wailea Resort, in between Grand Wailea (Hilton) and the Wailea Elua Village, and behind the Shops at Wailea.  Located on a rocky outcropping, this location also lacks a beach of it's own, despite the name.  If you want to lounge on the sand, you'll have to walk over to one of the neighboring hotels and give-up the ability to use amenities like lounge chairs, umbrellas, etc.



So the property itself has a very interesting layout.  The main building contains the lobby, the restaurants, the ballrooms, and the shops.  The rooms, on the other hand, are spread out throughout the property in about 7 different buildings.  For our stay, the wife and I were assigned room 7321, that's in "Hale 7" on the 3rd floor, which meant a long walk from the lobby and parking structure.  But the biggest problem, and I blame myself for not looking into this further, is that Hales 5,6, and 7 don't have elevators.  According to the signs in the halls, elevator access was available, but only for certain floors and only via Hale 4.  Unfortunately, we weren't on a floor with elevator access and had to lug our heavy suitcases up and down the narrow stairs.  Further, the hallways are all open, meaning your privacy signs can and do go flying, which can become problematic, but more on that later.



The room itself was a pretty good size.  7321 is a king bed "ocean view" room.  Note, I had actually paid for an ocean view room.



The first thing you'll notice is that the floors are tile rather than the standard carpet.  This would be ok, but the floors need to be kept very clean, as dust become even more noticeable, especially on your bare feet.  Yes, I take my foot ware off in our hotel rooms, just as I do at home.  This is a Hawaii/Asian thing of course.  But this was especially problematic with the sliding door open and dust blowing in from outside.  As you can see, the room is basically a long desk with integrated dressers and refrigerator with a rather large TV, a chair, a sofa, and the bed.


The chairs were decently comfortable, the room did have a connection panel, and the phone is cordless.  But the chair smelt dusty, and the phone smelt funky.  Beyond the two outlets on the panel and the outlet by the floor lamp, there was a real shortage of outlets in this room.  Further, the sofa had to have been the most uncomfortable one I've ever sat on.  The cushions literally sank right in and left you sitting on the hard frame.



Thankfully, though, the bed was pretty comfortable.  Not my Tempurpedic, but good enough for me!



But... the A/C really couldn't do much.  With the doors all closed, I set the A/C to 68F... though the room never got below 74F.  And boy was that A/C loud!  Every time it kicked in, it would emit an enormous roar!  Loud enough to have woken us up a couple of times.  This room did, however, have a rather large closet, which also contained a ironing board, an iron, and safe!  Though the iron stained one of my shirts...



Across from the closet was the bathroom.  For such a large room, the bathroom was really tiny and very dark.




Unfortunately, the worst part of the bathroom wasn't the lack of space, but was the smell.  It had a strong, musty smell.  Then, when I looked up, I saw this... _MG_9804.jpg


Definitely something you don't want to see or smell in your room.  So I get the idea that beyond the A/C not working too well, ventilation is an issue with this room. 


But enough about the bad, let's talk about some good.  The service here was pretty good.  The staff was quite proactive, and I actually received an e-mail from the concierge a few days before check-in asking for my time of arrival, Platinum Gift preference, etc. in an effort to provide as much information in advanced to the front desk to make check-in easier.  Day of check-in, they even gave me a call to tell me my room was ready... at 7:30am!  How awesome is that?  Thank goodness for do not disturb mode on my iPhone, so the call went to  voicemail without waking me up


I was also granted complimentary late checkout thru 7pm on the day of departure, though we stayed only thru 4pm.  What I didn't receive, despite placing a request at the time of reservation was an upgrade.  As mentioned before, I paid for an ocean view room and had a simple request for a better view room, from which I could see the other islands.  Instead, what I got was this. 


Which, ok, it's an ocean view, though I would like to think a Platinum that put in a request for upgrade a year in advanced specifying a special occasion would at least get an ocean view room that wasn't nearly entirely obstructed by trees... To add insult to injury, I later saw this...



Yup, that is the luau right outside our room... You know, I don't mean to complain... I really don't, but I have to say, of all the ocean view rooms on the property, why did we get this room given status, occasion, etc?


But that wasn't all that bothered me.  Despite the general good service we received during and before our stay, there were major issues with the staff.  For one, the housekeeping staff was incredibly noisy!  Every morning of our stay we were awoken to the housekeeping staff banging their gear around and yelling at each other (or talking incredibly loud) seemingly right outside our room.  We couldn't sleep in if we wanted to!  Further, I'm not sure if the wind blew our "Privacy Please" sign away as it had done with some other rooms in other buildings, but when we came back, from our adventures one day, our room was being cleaned.  I believe the sign was still there, as it was in a holder on the rod they used to keep the door open...


The one hiccup we did have with guest services staff was the bellhop on the final day.  About 10 minutes before I planned to head down to checkout, I called the "At Your Service" line and requested a bellhop to assist with our bags down the stairs... 25 minutes later, no one showed and I decided to just lug all our stuff down myself.  Oh, and did I mention the resort fee?  Yeah, that's not optional.  It includes self-parking, though even that was atrocious.  The parking lot was tiny, as were the stalls... and the only stalls available for guests were those in the back half of the covered lower level, and those on the upper level... though the lot didn't have an elevator either.  Oh, and the stalls were so tiny that this was a HUGE problem



Other details I noticed were the lack of places to get food.  The main restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner, though Yelp & tripadvisor reviews were generally quite negative, while the menus didn't appeal to me at all.  There's only one place on the property open for lunch (not counting Starbucks), and the only desirable restaurant, Migrant, is open for dinner only.  Though even that restaurant received ratings lower than I expected it to.  Regardless, all food on the property was just way overpriced.  Even the room service was crazy expensive, even for room service in my opinion, with very mediocre options.  So, as much as I like to room charge as much as possible at full service properties, the wife and I didn't eat a single meal on property. 


So overall, despite the generally great service at this property, I'm sorry to say that I will NOT consider this property ever again.  Between the tired rooms, lack of elevators, noise issues, cleanliness issues, etc. it just isn't worth it.  If you're going to stay in Wailea, pay up the extra cash and stay at the Andaz Maui, the Grand Wailea, the Four Seasons Maui, or the Fairmont Kea Lani instead.