Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa - 3 Stays in 1 Review

Blog Post created by kharada46 on May 5, 2014

Through discussion on the board, I realized I've never written a formal review about the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.  That's a shame considering this property played a considerable role in my recent life.  Long story short, this was my very first Marriott property and is where the wife and I were engaged.


The first time the wife and I stayed here was back in November 2010 for a wedding of a friend at the nearby Queen Kapiolani Hotel.  Back then I was not a MR member, but booked a room on a kama'aina rate.  Despite a lack of status, I was upgraded to a partial ocean view room in the Paoakalani Tower.  Sorry, no pictures of this stay.  All I can say is that the room was dated, and it still is.  I did join MR shortly after this stay and was credited for it.


The next stay the wife and I had was in August 2011, for an engagement/anniversary surprise.  The reason I chose the Marriott was for rewards, yes, but also because of the good treatment we received in the previous stay, as well as the fact that my wife's favorite restaurant, Sansei Waikiki, is on the property.  Not wanting to disappoint on such an important, I decided to book an ocean view room in the Kealohilani Tower.  As always, the staff was good and the room was much nicer than the previous stay.

Kealohilani 1.jpg


The bathroom is located just off the entry and contains a single vanity with a shower/tub combo and toilet behind a door immediately next to the vanity.  Toiletries there were and still are Bath & Body Orange Ginger.

Kealohilani 4.jpg


The room itself contained a king bed with lamps and reading lights on the headboard on both sides.  At the foot of the bed was a small bench with a chair + ottoman, a TV, dresser, fridge, and a work desk + chair directly across from it.

Kealohilani 2.jpg

Kealohilani 3.jpg


Though classified as a ocean view room, the room was more of a partial ocean view room.  There's a nice view of the ocean, but it was off to the side of the balcony.

Kealohilani 5.jpg

Kealohilani 7.jpg


The 3rd stay the wife and I had at the property was for another friend's wedding at the neighboring Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa in 2012.  This time I was a MR Gold Elite and has booked a standard city view room under the kama'aina rate.  Upon check-in I was upgraded to a stunning corner ocean view room in the Paoakalani Tower.

Paoakalani 2.jpg


For a standard room in Waikiki, it was massive!  Immediately next to the entryway was the bathroom and the closet, but beyond that is a bit of dead space until you get to the bed.

Paoakalani 3.jpg


The bathroom itself was quite standard with a vanity (no door), with the shower/tub + toilet behind a door next to the vanity.

Paoakalani 5.jpgPaoakalani 6.jpg


Back into the room, there was a chair and small table with a lamp next to the bed.

Paoakalani 1.jpg


In front of the bed was a cabinet with a fridge inside and a TV on top.  Immediately next to it was a work desk + chair.  As you can see, the room even has two balconies!

Paoakalani 4.jpg


Of course, the best part of this room was the view from the balconies!

Paoakalani 7.jpg

Paoakalani 8.jpg

Paoakalani 9.jpg

Paoakalani 10.jpg

Paoakalani 11.jpg


The fourth and final stay was in March of 2013 for my birthday.  The Motortrend Auto Show was in town that weekend, as were the restaurants we ended up dining at.  On this occasion, I had finally reached MR Platinum Elite.  Upon check-in, we were upgraded to a City View Jr Suite in the Paoakalani Tower.  In my opinion, this room wasn't anything special.  I should have taken the room with a view that was offered to us instead, but that's ok!  Unlike most rooms at this property, there actually is a bit of a foyer.

Jr Suite 1.jpg


Immediately off the foyer was the vanity for the bathroom, with the shower/tub combo & toilet immediately to the left of it behind a sliding door.

Jr Suite 2.jpg


Beyond the foyer was the king bed.  It was smack dab in the middle of the room.


Jr Suite 4.jpg


Immediately in front of the bed was another "room" without a door that contained seating and a table.  The sofa was actually a sleeper sofa, so this room could come in hand if traveling as a family in a single room.

Jr Suite 5.jpgJr Suite 6.jpg


Back in the "main room," there was a TV and a work desk + chair off to the side of the bed.  I think another TV should have gone in the side room above, but that wasn't the case.

Jr Suite 8.jpg


Both "rooms" had balconies, though they both had the same view.  The view itself wasn't horrible, but wasn't great either.  There are rooms here, however, that see nothing but the parking garage!

Jr Suite 9.jpg


Beyond the rooms and friendly service, it is important to note that this "resort" doesn't have a CL.  Nor do they offer complimentary breakfast for Golds/Plats.  They did offer us 2 complimentary breakfasts at the Kuhio Beach Grill if we paid the resort fee (I believe this to be $25/night + tax now).  Beyond that, parking is a stunning $32/night self and $37/night valet.  If I were you, I'd pay the extra for valet, as the garage in this property is horrifically cramped.  It certainly wasn't built to handle the larger cars of today!


Now the big question, would I come back?  Of course!  Us locals love to do "staycations" and this property is a great for that, or for those visiting Hawaii.  I wouldn't hesitate to return... especially if Waikiki is where you want to be.  Thus far, my favorite room type is the Paoakalani Tower Ocean View.  However, the room category that's often used to market the property (and constantly evades me) is the Kealohilani Tower Deluxe Ocean View with it's stunning view of Waikiki Beach.  Another room category I'd love to sample some day is the Paoakalani Diamond Head View room.  There are other, better room categories like the Kealohilani Ocean Front Suite, but there's so many to list, it would just go on, and on, and on.  Definitely a complicated property to book a room at. 


But... if you do need assistance choosing the best category, don't hesitate to ask me!