Honolulu Eats - Heights Drive Inn

Blog Post created by kharada46 on Dec 5, 2012

All of my posts thus far have been on locations in or near Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu.  This time we're going to move further west to my hometown of Pearl City/Aiea.  For this post, I will be talking about a much beloved eatery called Heights Drive Inn. 




Heights Drive Inn is a small eatery in an unconventional location.  It is actually located in the Aiea Medical Building, which is across the street from Aiea Shopping Center and next to a Shell gas station.  Though it may be common to have a cafeteria in a medical facility, your doctor probably won't approve of you eating at Heights.  Why?  Because Heights specializes in the more old school, artery busting style of plate lunch that's heavy on the starch and not shy with the grease!  Sounds gross right?  But it's soooo good! 


Being a traditional "greasy spoon" type of place, you'll get that sort of service too.  The people that work there are generally pretty nice, but they are often super busy, so don't be upset if they seem like they aren't paying attention to you or seem a little flustered.  In fact, on our last visit, the lady that took our order was ringing up another customer while listening to our order.  I was worried she wouldn't get something right, but she flawlessly passed our order onto the kitchen!  This is despite the fact that my fiancee and I ordered two different, but very similar items and drinks.  But I should have known better, as this particular lady has been working there since before I was even born!  I remember seeing her throughout my childhood, as my mother would take me here every time she took me to the doctor (my pediatrician is located only a couple floors above). 


So... what to get here?  Well, there is a rather large menu here with choices ranging from Spam musubis to veal cutlet, and onto their special mixed plates.  When I was a child, my standard order was always the fried noodle plate and a green river (lemon-lime drink with bright green color).  Even today, my order hasn't changed much.  I now get the "boneless special," which is a fried noodle plate with two pieces of grilled teriyaki boneless chicken thighs, two scoops rice, and macaroni salad (the trademark of any traditional plate lunch is two scoops rice and macaroni salad).  I'm not a fan of macaroni salad and the addition of the rice is unnecessary in my opinion, so I just don't eat it.  My fiancee, on the other hand, gets the fried noodle special, which is basically the same thing, but comes with teriyaki beef instead of chicken.  We both always order green rivers as well.  Grand total for our gut busting feast in a box?  $21


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