Delta Kananaskis Lodge NIGHTMARE

Blog Post created by kdawg on Jan 5, 2018

We recently stayed at the Delta Kananaskis Lodge in Alberta. The short 36 hour trip was intended to be a fun outing shared by cousins, grandparents, and brothers. Unfortunately, our brief stay was a disaster. Upon our arrival, the hotel staff who checked us in was incompetent. We had reserved 3 rooms and 4 total in our party. We had requested two of the rooms adjoin and the others nearby as possible. The front desk checked us in to a room that was said to ajoin another. It physically did not. Then when we alerted them of this, they argued with us. I even spent time drawing the room out for them. It was a joke. We then had to move rooms when our new rooms were prepared. Even then, the door between the adjoining rooms was locked and we had to make numerous visits to the front desk to get it opened (yes, we called, but no one ever answered the guest services phone). The newly renovated rooms were also already coming apart (broken toilet seats, trip hazards with carpet coming up, etc).  The other room in our party was upgraded from a 2 queen to a king and sofa suite, due to being Gold Rewards. They were assured the upgraded room had a sofa for the 2 kids in this room. However, the room did not have a sofa and the kids had no where to sleep. They too had to change rooms after it was prepared. None of our rooms, as it turns out, had heat. This is the Rocky Mountains in Winter!!! It turns out, the boiler system went down and had to be re-set. So, we had to request space heaters from the hotel. They helped, but were not ideal. We had a constant worry with the kids around them too. With limited restaurants available, we visited the larger, casual dining on site. Despite the hotel being less than full, the lines were insane. We had a 745pm reservation, but still were not seated until well after 815pm. The staff at the restaurant apologized and said that it was only restaurant management working (3 servers total for the entire place) as the staff were given the night off to prepare for their staff party the following day. Must be nice!! With the kids starving, extra wait, and sub standard service, this was very frustrating to say the least. Especially because there were essentially no other options.


We raised all of these issues with front office management staff at least 3 times. We were assured they would make this right and resolve and make up for the concerns. They did not. When we checked out, were told by a second manager the same thing. We were also told the GM would reach out and contact us. Nothing. I have since called and left two messages for the GM. I have had no response.


So much for loyalty. Marriott Rewards membership means ZERO and management that these independently owned Delta / Marriott branded properties could care less about issues you have. Especially once your gone. Marriott Rewards and Marriott Intl should be holding these properties to account. This situation is unconscionable for a 'hospitality' business and undermines every related value there is.


I would like to see some meaningful action by Marriott Rewards to defend members like me and my family. Failing this, folks like me will have no choice but to follow up with consumer advocacy organizations such as the BBB and Ad Standards Council Canada, local chambers of commerce, lodging associations, and similar. This experience was total garbage. No one should have to endure such treatment and waste valuable family time on their vacation.