Customer service

Blog Post created by kalexander90 on Jun 21, 2018

I just called Marriott rewards to follow up on a request I have made several times regarding a status challenge. I'm a Diamond member at Hilton and a Black member at Omni Hotels, both of which are not easy to get.  I was really surprised at the customer service I received after waiting 20 minutes just for someone to answer. All she could say was they aren't doing challenges as of June 11th. I explained that I inquired well before that date but never heard back, but she she simply said "well it's too late, we aren't offering any challenges".  I couldn't even inquire more about the rewards program because she just hung up on me. I stay in hotels over 250 nights a year and have been wanting to try marriott for some time, but this conversation alone was a major game changer. Do I have to get to platinum before I'm treated with at least a little respect?